Car Town - Collect cars, build the ultimate garage and race against friends.

Your corner

This section will explain the functions on the default loading screen. Get the information you need on your garage and all the surrounding area.


Need a little help from your friends? Here you will see all that you can do with your friends in Car Town.


If you can make money doing it you will find it listed here. Find out what makes the coins and points flow.

Customizing your car

The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your car. Our Custom Graphics Editor lets you paint directly onto your car using the versatile painting tool or you can upload your very own custom images. Take it even further by installing new body kits, wheels, tires and much more!


We have some fast cars! Find out in this section how to show your stuff on the tracks.


Want to know how to navigate the expansive Car Town area? This section will explain how to do that with your GPS menu.


We have some extra special locations in the game. Select this section for a quick explanation of all the spots to visit.

Glove box

Think we haven’t covered something. You will probably find it in your Glove Box. Check here to find out about features from Statistics to in game Mail.

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