Customizing your car

Customize your car's appearance with custom paint and grahics


Add color to your rides. Choose from hundreds of colors to get just the right one for your cars.


Add stickers, download templates or upload custom created graphics to your car.
Customize your car's appearance with custom paint and grahics

Car parts

  • Wheels

    Some of the many wheels available in Car Town from BBS, Rays and SSR
    Choose from dozens of rims to alter the style of your car.

  • Tires

    Customize your ride with a range of tires from classic whitewalls to off road mud tires
    Choose tire sets that best match your vision for your car.

  • Body

    Custom body kit options in Car Town
    Many of our cars have some custom body kit options to try out. Select them here and see how they look on your car.

  • Performance

    Engine upgrades in Car Town
    Whether you are adding engine power or improved handling, the upgrades in this section are all about upping the performance of your car. Watch your car’s performance score go up as you upgrade.

  • Suspension

    Change springs to raise or lower your ride
    Want to lower or raise your car? This is where it’s at!

  • Window Tint

    Window tint colors in Car Town
    Black, blue and red tinting for your windows is available here.

  • Lights

    Neon light kits available in Car Town
    Want some cool neon under lighting? Glow as you ride down the road.


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